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Tropical Architect in High Demand

As his portfolio of satisfied clients grows, Saki is quickly earning a reputation as a quality tropical architect. Tropical architecture is his passion, and it shows in the beautiful and unique buildings he creates. Saki has worked for 15 years in Sydney, but he also creates work for clients in Bali and Fiji, making him an experienced tropical architect.

Saki has designed multiple buildings, including resorts and other commercial buildings, in these tropic settings. Today, Saki focuses primarily on residential architecture. He specializes in creating upmarket homes that merge seamlessly with the natural look of the tropical settings where they reside. He also works with homeowners to create stunning renovations and extensions, again utilizing tropical design elements in each project.

Tropical architecture is more than just the visual elements in the design. The tropical climate has an effect on the buildings themselves. As a tropical architect, Saki knows how to design the structure so that it will weather the humidity and heat of the tropical climate well. From mildew-resistant building materials to designs that reflect heat rather than absorb it, his designs are created to function well in the tropics.

A finished project that Saki designed looks as though it grew up in the area along with the vegetation that surrounds it. The building or extension is also remarkably energy-efficient, lowering the energy bills for the home’s owner. His relationships with local builders and design professionals in the various areas where this tropical architect works ensure that the finished product is as visually appealing as his original design.

Tropical Architect

Tropical Architect