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Saki completed his Bachelor of Architecture in Sydney at the University of NSW in the mid-90s, and is a registered member of the Australian Institute of Architects. He has had 15 years of experience in several architectural firms in Sydney, managing residential and commercial architectural projects both locally and internationally.

Saki’s design expertise and interest now mainly lies in residential architecture, from home renovations and extensions, to designing new upmarket homes. Most of his work is in Sydney, but he has also designed houses in Adelaide and Queensland, as well as Bali, Fiji and Croatia. Saki has a particular interest in Pacific and tropical architecture, especially Fijian architecture.

Saki’s designs project a modern style of architecture, where the primary aim is to instil the importance of light, clean and open spaces in residential dwellings. It recognises the importance of the home's design being customised to the client’s needs and aspirations, whilst also incorporating the artistic inputs and values of the designer. Saki is also a qualified energy assessor which makes it easy for him to design with an eco-friendly approach. Saki's skill as an environmental architect is one of the attributes that sets him apart from your average Sydney architect

His passion for architecture originally came from his love of art and creative drawing. Saki derives immense satisfaction from taking a client’s ideas and making them a reality. To be able to achieve this within a set budget is his particular forte. Saki Architecture is a small, boutique firm. The personal service means you will deal with the same person from start to finish, rather than dealing with team leaders, groups or junior staff members.

Council Applications are not as daunting or complex as they are perceived to be. Saki has in depth local knowledge of, and has built up very good relationships with many of Sydney’s local councils, particularly in the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, and inner west. This means the ease and speed of dealing with the Council Development Application process is refined and efficient.

Saki also has good connections with many excellent builders, as well as surveyors, engineers, landscapers etc. This all helps to facilitate the path from conception to building and completion. The architect is flexible with his hours, being available outside of normal business hours.

Please take the time to read the testimonials / written references. These are only a small selection of the many satisfied clients that Saki has helped to create their ideal homes.

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